Aerating the Sun

Somm Journal, October-November 2022

Lloyd Cellars’ Prescription Vineyards Chardonnay is built for by-the-glass programs

“The neat thing is that if you’re at a restaurant and [they’re] pouring [Prescription] by the glass, that CO2 that’s naturally in there is going to preserve the wine so that if you don’t finish the bottle and you pour it next day, it’s still going to taste really fresh,” says Prescription’s winemaker, Rob Lloyd.

Rising Stars of the Wine World

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Somm Journal, April-May 2022

“I like big Chards and I cannot lie,” replied winemaker/proprietor Rob Lloyd when Leicht commented that Lloyd is beloved in the industry for his big, rich California Chardonnays. The Sir Mix-a-Lot reference might have gone over some attendees’ heads, but they certainly did not miss Lloyd’s background: Over the past few decades, the University of California, Davis, master’s grad made wine for the likes of Cakebread, Rombauer, and La Crema before establishing Lloyd Cellars and his own consulting business with his wife, Bonnie, in 2008.

House Call

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Somm Journal, February – March 2022

Joel Quigley, Director of communications and marketing for California brands Lloyd Cellars and Prescription Wines, is feeling celebratory these days. The latter label recently inked a deal with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) for distribution in Texas, a state that ranks fourth in U.S. wine consumption behind California, Florida, and New York. And Quigley knows that Texans, speaking broadly, have a taste for lush, bright Chardonnays and juicy, velvety Cabernet Sauvignons—which is just what the doctor ordered, as those flavor profiles happen to be Prescription’s specialties.

The All-Purpose Grape

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Somm Journal, December 2021 – January 2022

Our Balancing Act: Chardonnay at its best. Webinar examined how style manifests in the glass.

It was fitting to commence the webinar with a tasting of Lloyd Cellars Carneros Chardonnay, as winemaker/ proprietor Rob Lloyd has been focused on the grape for most of his career, having worked at not one but two Chardonnay powerhouses, Rombauer and La Crema. But in 2008, with a little encouragement from his wife, Bonnie, Lloyd took a risk and opened his own winery, the Napa-based Lloyd Cellars, as well as a consulting firm.

A Prescription for Growth: Lloyd Cellars

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Tasting Panel, June 2021

A little word of mouth can go a long, long way for a small producer. Just ask Rob and Bonnie Lloyd, who can count both the wines in their portfolio and the members of their team at Napa’s Lloyd Cellars on one hand: For all the potential demand based on Rob’s reputation from prior winemaking stints at La Crema and Rombauer, the law of supply still holds.

Good Medicine

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Tasting Panel, July/August 2020

Prior to my interview with Robert and Bonnie Lloyd, I had already written this story off—or rather, written it in my head—as a run-of-the-mill profile of an experienced winemaker who has found success by going into business for himself. You can’t blame me for that given Robert’s pedigree, firmly stamped with a shining Chardonnay grape: The graduate of the viticulture and enology master’s program at the University of California, Davis—who bears a solid resemblance to Steve Irwin and is just as charismatic—has crafted his liquid gold for the likes of La Crema and Rombauer, two of the country’s biggest Chardonnay powerhouses, while working with other producers and varieties through his company Lloyd Wine Consulting